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Transcool 12/24 volt & Mains Portable air cooling.

Transcool 2021 Model 12v 24v 240v Air Cooling Unit

  • Compact environmentally friendly evaporative air cooler

    Portable 1.5kg lightweight unit 22cm x 25cm x 22cm

    Very low power usage - Only 0.7-1.7amps

    Just add 1.8 litres of tap water

    5ltr external tank delivers 30 additional hrs for continuous cooling

    Four adjustable air vents -Desired variable fan speed

    Unit has a handle to carry or hang in boat or vehicle

    Add our flexi duct kit for more directional cooling

    12v/24v or Mains Power - 3m power Lead

    Available Black and White

    2 year Warranty

  • Our new Limited Edition Green, Please allow 3-4 Business extra business days for Delivery.

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