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Camping in Wilderness
About Us

When started this business 2 years ago it was a culmination of the journey, I had taken through my working life. With a background in buying specialised raw materials for in the aerospace engineering industry. I then spent many years providing support for A list stars in the music business. So, I have had first-hand experience of having to find specific solutions for all kinds of situations like cooling, comfort while being empathetic to the personal needs of my clients. Offering a wide range of portable cooling and power solutions gives you an opportunity to make a choice.  We supply brands like Transcool and Smart Products you can trust these are established, Innovative products that support your comfort, health and wellbeing through sport, leisure and activities with enthusiasm.  


We are passionate about Transcool it is a compact portable unit perfect for travelling off-grid giving you much needed cooling whether it be in the space of your horse box or bivvy a campervan, caravan, motorhome, tent or in the home when you return. the applications are endless! 


Delivering Peace of mind when traveling with your animals whether it’s a horse or dog, off to a show or competition or your family pet. Simple solutions can sometimes be overlooked and Transcool is a spot cooler that can make that difference

Inspiring trust by providing useful information and feedback from customers speaks volumes and this product does not disappoint having been tried and tested since 2002 in the extreme environment of the outback in Australia.


Seeing is believing! so offering demos at shows and exhibitions puts you in front of the products somewhere we are exhibiting this year

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