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45Litre Smart Ice Cooler. No power needed for this Smart Cool. Simply add ice for 5 days cooling keeping your food and drinks cold. Add one of your four freezer packs to support your cool box. The wire basket holds your food above the ice. A cutting board placed in the centre of your Smart Cooler can be used to partition your cooling space.

SmartICE Chiller Offgrid Range

  • This Smart Ice Chiller will keep your food and drinks cold for up to five days using ice cubes and utilizing the Four Freezer Packs provided. Perfect for all your off-grid cooling needs and adventures this summer.

    Available in 45 Litre / 65 Litre SmartIce Chiller Off-grid Range delivers a dual compartment area when separated by the chopping board and removable basket to keep food dry. Two Freezer packs sit side by side on the ledge above your chilled food and drink. This portable chiller once filled with ice will keep your food and drinks cool for up to five days. Great portability and non slip base all in a tough molded shell.



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