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40 or 50 Litre Smart Fridge Freezer. 12/24 volt & Mains.

Smart Freeze Portable Fridge Freezer Smart Range

£350.00 Regular Price
£250.00Sale Price
  • 40 Litre / 50 Litre SmartFreeze Fridge Freezer with 5v USB charging  dual zone compartment and removable basket. This portable unit can be used as a fridge or run as a freezer with a main compartment and chiller area. Great portability from two integrated carry handles.

    Delivers energy efficient cooling down to an impressive -20 or up to +10 Clear LCD Display all from 12v/24volt or mains supply. Voltage protection between 10 -12v Power Memory Function  8 Hours or overnight cooling once unplugged. Fluorine-free Environmental Insulation Layer.  That’s Smartfreeze.


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