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Add more colour to your travels with Berrow Hill Melamine Set. The striking Berrow Hill Melamine Set captures the Great British Outdoors with its bright and colourful design. Caravans, Tents and other images cover this 100% Melamine Set designed by OLPRO. This is a unique design for people who are looking for the best looking melamine set available. Using melamine as opposed to other plates, bowls and mugs means a lot less broken crockery when travelling and also stops accidents in the garden or out on campsites when people drop or knock over bowls, mugs or plates..

OLPRO Berrow Hill Melamine Set

  • Set Includes:

    Dinner Plates (25.5cm)

    Side plates (20cm)

    Bowls (15.5cm)

    Mugs (7.5cm x 9.5cm)


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