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Overview of SL-Line+ 12v TV with DVD player

The SL-LINE+ 12v TV with DVD integration combines the easy to use and powerful web0S, giving users the perfect viewing experience. With 5 sizes available, including 32”, the S-Line+ is perfect for large and medium sized motorhomes and caravans.

This 12v TV with DVD player includes all the most popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more. Since the classic DVD is still an important playback source, the SL-LINE+ has a built-in DVD player. This 12v TV with DVD integration can be easily and conveniently controlled via an additional remote control.

If you don’t already have a WiFi system in your motorhome or caravan, then look no further. With our WiFi System Selector you can easily find the correct system for you in a a matter of seconds.

This SL-LINE+ 12v TV with DVD integration is ideal for campers, caravans and smaller motorhomes. Available in 5 sizes: 19″, 22″, 24″, 27″ and 32″.

Alphatronics are a highly trusted TV brand, fitted as standard in many major vehicle manufacturers such as Hymer, Frankia, Burstner, Carthago and many more.

3 integrated tuners

With all major on-demand free & subscription streaming services BBC iPlayer™ ITV X™ All 4™ My5™ Prime TV™ Disney+™ Netflix™  and many more. 

Freeview™. For those using a terrestrial TV aerial set up. Complete with electronic programme guide.

Freesat™ & Free to Air For those using a satellite system set up. Complete with electronic programme guide.

Optimised Apps for the UK 

Future proofed Apps and updates via the Web OS Hub.

What size TV is best for my Caravan or Motorhome?

Caravans and motorhomes may be getting bigger — but they’re still not quite spacious enough for a 50-inch screen. You need to use space efficiently, while still getting a TV that gives you an immersive experience. So what screen size works well in a caravan or a motorhome?

Generally, it’s best to choose a TV no bigger than 32 inches — and this is in larger models. Most caravans and motorhomes are best suited for smart TVs around 19”-24”.

What is the largest 12v TV you can buy?

The Alphatronics SL-LINE+ 12v TV, has a 32″ model, which is one of the largest 12v TV’s available on the market.

Can I watch Netflix in my caravan with this TV?

Yes and additional streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Now TV, Youtube, itvX and all other major UK streaming app.

Is there a difference between a 12v TV and a normal TV?

Yes there are quite a few. The main one is that it can run off a 12v power supply such as a leisure battery or power bank.

The next is that the TVs are shock and vibration tested, this means that when you are exploring some smaller bumpy roads, you don’t have to worry about it breaking the TV. This is not the case for a home TV as it is unlikely to be receiving vibrations or shocks.

The TVs are climate tested, and are suitable to work at +45 degrees (for Spanish holidays) and -10 degrees (for Scandinavian holidays!).

Can you run a 12v TV off a 12v battery?

Yes you certainly can. All K-Line+ TVs come with a 12v power supply ready to be plugged in.

How long can a 12v battery run a 12v TV?

In short, between 50 and 65 hours.

This table shows how long each of the SL-LINE+ TVs would work on a fairly common leisure battery that has 70 amp hours:

Size Of TV:19″22″24″27″32″
Watts Usage1315182126
Equivalent in Amps on a 12v Battery1.
How many hours with 70 Amp Hours6556474032

Do I need a TV bracket for my Motorhome or Caravan 12v TV?

It’s recommended as you can have a large amount of freedom in positioning the 12v TV with DVD. Our motorhome and caravan TV bracket for example has 3 arms interlocking arms giving you the choice to have your TV close to the wall or extended far outwards. 

Our M7441 can be adjusted to have 3 connecting arms or 0.

Do I need WiFi for my Caravan and Motorhome Smart TV?

If you wish to watch Netflix and other streaming apps then you will need a WiFi connection. All of our WiFi systems are compatible with the K-Line+ range. 

We would recommend the Roam X system for maximum streaming ability across the country.

If you’re not sure which one is most appropriate for you, answer a few questions on our WiFi selector to help you decide.

Do you need a TV license for a Motorhome or Caravan?

If you are planning to watch any of the main channels which fall under the TV license then you’ll need a TV license. This also applies for streaming BBC iPlayer.

If you are living in your vehicle and watching those channels and they are also being watched at your home address, where the TV license is registered, you’ll need a second license.

Despite the vague wording on the TV licensing website, you don’t need a TV license to watch separate streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and so on.

Do I need a Satellite System with this 12v TV?

All K-Line+ models have a satellite tuner built into them so if you have a Sky™ or SkyQ™ subscription or wish to watch Freesat™ then you will need a satellite dish of some kind.

We have portable systems which require a manual setup and automatic systems which are usually roof-mounted onto you vehicle and have a very quick automatic set up by pressing 1 button.

If you’re not sure, answer a few questions on our Satellite selector to help you decide.

Do I need a TV Aerial with this 12v Smart TV?

If you want to watch terrestrial TV, such as BBC1, BBC2 and so on, then yes you will need a terrestrial TV aerial. 

Our tried and tested Gazelle Pro aerial will be more than suitable, it’s omnidirectional so no setup needed.

Can I watch DVDs with this 12v TV for Caravans, Motorhomes and Campervans?

This range (SL-Line+) is a 12v TV with DVD integration.

This model has a DVD player and for a complete entertainment solution.

Alphatronics – SL-LINE+

    • Designed for use in any leisure vehicle
    • Terrestrial TV (Freeview™)
    • Satellite TV (Freesat™ & Free to Air)
    • Streaming and demand & subscription TV channels with Web 0S Hub
    • Includes integrated DVD player
    • Shock and vibration tested for life on the road
    • High quality components with anti corrosive coating
    • Manual on/off switch to save power when not in use
    • Multi protection system. Voltage stability & reverse polarity
    • Compatible with the Maxview M7441 Cantilever TV Wall Mount (See related products below)
    • 3 year manufacturers guarantee
    • Designed and assembled by alphatronics in Germany
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